This "Snowball Cake" is one of our favorites! Not only does it look impressive, but the taste is second to none


The Snowball Cake with Raspberry and Coconut is an enchanting dessert, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any special event, particularly in the colder months. This cake, evoking the imagery of a snow-dusted sphere, is a delightful addition to holiday celebrations. While its origins are a bit of a mystery, this dessert is a charming variation of classic coconut cakes, enhanced with raspberries for a pop of color and tangy flavor. It's adored for its playful look and the delightful contrast between the creamy coconut and the sharp raspberries.

Serving Your Snowball Cake

As you present the Snowball Cake, its striking appearance alone can captivate your guests. For an ideal pairing, consider serving it with raspberry sorbet or a zesty lemon-infused whipped cream to balance the sweetness. A warm beverage like cocoa or coffee complements the cake beautifully, enhancing each bite. For optimal texture and form, serve this cake chilled.

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