Dish soap in the toilet, a life-changing move – you’ll do it every day


AStep-by-Step Guide to Using Dish Soap for Toilet Clogs

Heat up 4 liters of water.

Add half a cup of dish detergent to the hot water.

Pour the mixture into the toilet and wait for at least an hour, keeping in mind the severity of the blockage.

Post-treatment, your toilet should be back to its optimal working condition.

Notably, the combination of dish soap and hot water addresses even challenging obstructions. While it might not work instantly, perseverance is key. Regular usage can also prevent potential blockages.

The Everyday Magic of Dish Soap

Dish detergent doesn't just stop at unclogging. It's a powerhouse when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing.

Fighting Stubborn Stains and Bad Odors: Apply dish soap internally, letting it sit for 30 minutes, followed by a scrub and flush. This not only cleans but combats germs and odors.

External Cleaning: Use a sponge to apply dish soap on the exterior. A foamy layer might form, so a second application could be needed. Rinse with water or a water-vinegar mixture. This method is equally effective for cleaning grouts or floors.

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