cleaning the tub without breaking your back!


Today I'm going to show you my favorite tip for cleaning the sink without bending over. After a long day at work, I like to take a hot bath to relax...

The problem is that I hate bathtub cleaning! Not only does the bathtub attract all kinds of dirt: soap scum, mold, lime deposits ... but in addition, you have to bend over and kneel to scrub ...

Welcome to the kitchen especially when you have a backache! Luckily, I've been using a super effective 3 year old trick to clean my bathtub without breaking my back! The trick is to use a clean broom with a little washing up liquid. Look, it works great: Summary What You Need - Dishwashing Liquid - Clean Broom

How do I do

1. Pour dishwashing liquid onto the bottom and sides of the bathtub.
2. Put a little water on the broom to wet the bristles a little.
3. Rub the mop around the sink to lather up the dish soap.
4. Dish soap degreasing process will quickly remove soil such as soap scum, mildew stains and other stubborn things.
5. Use the shower head to rinse any loose dirt in the bathtub.

The result and there you are, your bathtub is now spotlessly clean and shiny without having to bend over :-)

 Easy, fast and efficient, right? And all this without breaking your back and hurting your knees. It's still more practical like that! For this tip, I recommend buying a new broom and keeping it only for cleaning the sink. In fact, you wouldn't clean the bathtub very well with a dirty broom.

So your best bet is to buy a new cheap broom like this one. If your sink is particularly dirty, I advise you to add a little white vinegar to your washing up liquid for further cleaning.

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