For the flan

 250ml milk

 sugar 50 gr

 Eggs 2 units

 Vanilla essence or vanilla sugar

 for the caramel

 sugar 50 gr



 1. We start by tempering the milk and pouring it into a bowl.  Add the sugar and mix until dissolved.  Add the eggs and the essence or vanilla sugar.  Mix until you get a homogeneous mixture.

 2. It's time to make the caramel.  To do this, we add the 50 gr.  of sugar in a saucepan and add three tablespoons of water.  Put on the heat and stir from time to time.  When the mixture acquires a golden color, we pour the caramel into the flan mold.

 3. Pour the flan mixture into the mold and place everything in an express pot with a little water.  Cover the flanera with a plate and put the lid on the pot.  We light the fire.  When the pot indicators have risen, lower the heat and leave it for three minutes.  After this, we remove from the heat and open the pot when possible.

 4. When you can open the pot, we take out the flan and let it cool in the air.  When it has cooled down a bit, cover it with aluminum foil and put it in the fridge for at least 5 hours.

 5. After that time, we take the flan out of the fridge, unmold... and enjoy!

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